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Longaberger® HomesteadTM Dolls Issued in 2006
Thumbnail Picture Product Name Description Issue Dates Theme Retail Price
KellyLongaberger2006.jpg (51671 bytes) Kelly

... can always be found celebrating St. Patrick's Day in her own special way... while playing a merry tune on her  fiddle, she dances and dances all day.   

Designed exclusively for The Longaberger Company® 


January 2006 Irish $76.00
GingerLongaberger2006.jpg (35385 bytes) Ginger ... loves to walk her puppy on days that are sunny and nice...today she's wearing her favorite colors, a plaid in a sunny warm spice.

 Designed exclusively for The Longaberger Company® 
January 2006 Summer $76.00
MadisonLongaberger2006.jpg (49829 bytes) Madison ... loves the scent of fresh clothes from the line... with the help of a friend it becomes a fun time.

 Designed exclusively for The Longaberger Company® 
January 2006 Summer $75.00
Sunny_2006.jpg (35026 bytes) Summer
loves her floral jacket with flowers so cheerful and bright...
her matching tote and her little friend are such a happy sight
August 2006 Summer $79.95
Kayley_2006.jpg (40708 bytes) Kayley
loves to wander through the woods and gather nature's gifts,
a pretty wreath of pine and berries always gives her spirits a lift
August 2006 Nature  $72.00
Lexi_2006.jpg (49201 bytes) Lexie
loves autumn with all its colors so bright and clear...
she fills her wagon with wonderful treats,
it's her favorite time of the year!
August 2006 Autumn $90.00
Longaberger_Santa_2006.jpg (39127 bytes) Santa
has been busy this day gathering an abundance of nature's own gifts...
then he fills his most favorite baskets and delivers to all on his
holiday list!
August 2006 Christmas $98.00

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